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Cutting Your Hair Based On Face Shape

Everyone wants the perfect haircut that flatters them and makes them look amazing, but with so many creative styles to choose from, how do you pick the right one? Have you ever requested a hairstylist to cut your hair based on a picture but then dislike the result? Not all haircuts work for all people….

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Fun Hair Accessories We Recommend Trying

When it comes to hairstyles, most ladies have a few go-to styles and accessories. However, there are so many different hairstyles to try. This fall, why not try a fresh new look? When looking for something different and fun, hair accessories come in handy. At our hair salon in Clayton, we offer a range of…

Why You NEED Regular Hair Trimmings

Benefits of Getting Hair Trimmed Regularly For most women that desire to have longer hair, regular trimming may not sound like a great option because it would work directly against your goal of growing your hair out longer. Contrary to that, periodic trimming of your hair has many benefits that you’ll probably be quite excited…