The Best Lazy Lady Hairstyles


Best Lazy Hairstyles for Ladiespretty woman with short haircut

You’ve probably been at a point in your life where you didn’t feel like doing much with your hair, and getting it done just isn’t an option. But you still want to look good. Well, the good news is that complicated hairstyles do not always mean you look great. On the contrary, there are simple lazy hairstyles which look truly gorgeous and beautiful. Such hairstyles are so simple yet elegant. Among them are:

A classy pony

You can do this simple style by:

  • Separating your hair into 2 even sections, front and back. Secure the back part into a ponytail
  • Pull the right front half across your back and pin it on the ponytail
  • Pull the left front half across the back and pin it over the ponytail

Double knotted pony

How to style it:

  • Separate your hair into two sections
  • Tie the sections in a low knot
  • Tie a second knot and secure with a hair tie

Lazy haircuts

There are a couple of low maintenance haircuts perfect for you. They include

  • The lob. This is a perfect medium-length cut that air-dries into a messy-chic look. You can style it with a straightener or a few curls from a curling iron. It’s really all up to you and what you think looks best on you!
  • Pixie Cut. This a super low maintenance cut. It may be intimidating at first. You can use products to style. After a month, a trim may be necessary to maintain the look, but as it grows you can also gauge where it looks best.
  • Long bangs. They add a little extra to your hair while requiring low maintenance. You don’t have to trim them, just make sure you’re sure they’ll look good before jumping in with two feet!
  • Swing bob. It is fun yet easy to wear and manage. It can be a short or medium-length, whatever you feel suits you best. This hairstyle looks good in any situation honestly, it’s very diverse.

Here are a couple more styles for you to try out!

Unpolished bun

How to style it:

  • Twist your hair into a bun, preferably with dirty hair as it does not slip
  • Insert a pin through the right side of the bun. The open ends should be toward the left side of the bun.

The ditzy ponytail

If you resort to a topknot too often but you still hate to blow out your hair, this is the perfect hair style for you. The celebrity hairstylist Jen Atkin came up with the name. The “off-duty” ditzy ponytail looks fluffy and full. It also looks amazing and only takes a few minutes to accomplish.

Delicate dye jobHair coloring

The delicate dye job has become one of the most trending hairstyles. Why? It has an easy going appearance and is extremely maintenance. In order to delicately soften the roots of solid-colored hair, you should use the super soft babylights highlights. They range from chunky highlights, platinum bleach-and-tones, and solid dyes, because you only need to visit a colorist two or three times a year. Moreover, babylights leave you looking great.

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