Hair Salon Talk: How to Style Curly Bangs


Clayton Hair Salon curly bangsCurly hair is challenging to maintain and demands more effort to style. They look awe-inspiring when you treat them right and apply good products. Natural puffiness is the best part of the curly hair and whatever style you make; every detail can be seen clearly by adding texture in the hair style. Curly bangs are easy to style as you don’t need to do backcombing to add volume. Here are some fantastic tips to style your curly bang to look stylish and trendy.

Highlight the Volume on One Side

It’s the easiest hairstyle for a daily routine which you can make within a few seconds. Keep the volume on the one side of your head and make a ponytail or bun from rest of the long hair. Similarly, you can twist hair on one side and leave some strands free. If you have excessively curly hair, then make the twist tighter.  Sweep the bangs back and use a few pins to secure to maintain the desired look.

Let Curly Bangs Move Freely on the Face

Ladies who have fuller faces and want to make it look slimmer, then let your loose curly bangs move freely on your face. Use spray or water to develop the curls into the ringlet curl wanted. Loose braids and buns are convenient options to handle longer hair in the back which don’t disturb you during routine tasks.

Straight Bangs with Curly Hair

Curly bangs need to be straightened to achieve this hairstyle. You can use cream or carefully use a straightener for this purpose. Blow-dry your bangs in the case of stubborn curls as hairspray doesn’t work well.

Pineapple Bangs

Flaunt the beauty of your curly hair by styling your freshly washed hair in pineapple bangs. Make a ponytail and pile up the curly strands on the very top of the head allowing the curly hair to cascade down to the head.

Poofy Bangs

Also called middle-part bangs which require a little effort to create. Divide your bangs into two parts.  Roll your fingers under the bangs to give a puffy look at both sides. Use spray to hold in place and tie your remaining hair in a ponytail.

Women with curly hair should follow the product cocktailing idea and mix two or more products together to accomplish the needs of your hair. Use wide tooth comb and always start from the ends.

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