Hair Salon Talk: How to Get Long Hair to Hold a Curl


Clayton Hair Salon hair salonWomen with straight hair would like to have a hair makeover that produces curls that they can flaunt. Although curling and crimping seem easy, it can be difficult to style, but there is a way that they can keep the curls from falling immediately after walking out the door.  Here are some of the best hair salon tips for getting curls and keeping them.

Invest in the right hot tools

To get straight hair into either sassy curls, no-heat curls or any other kind of curls, you need to grab the right styling tools. Mix large and medium-sized velvet rollers and look for a curling iron with a slightly slimmer barrel for tighter ringlets.

Prep the right way

Curls hold best when the hair is clean, dry and in a natural state. Hair that is styled on dirty hair will not hold curls for long.  Instead wash, dry, and comb the hair. This way it is ready for curls.

Prepare some more and clip

Once the hair is 100% dry, take your comb and start working from the bottom layer to the top. Collect the hair around the crown and grab using hair clip(s). Positioning the hair to the side makes it easier to work with the bottom layer that is not clipped.

Work in sections

After clipping, start by taking one or two inches of the accessible bottom layer using hands and a comb. Hold this small part, and wrap it around the top section of the curling iron. Hold for 20 seconds, loosen up the curl and gather more of the straight hair curl for 20 seconds and loosen again.

Clips and shake it out

Clipping is the most important part after curling. Slid the hair from the curling iron and clip it against your head. Wait a few minutes and once the hair has cooled, remove the clips and tousle the curls using your fingers. Leave it a curled a little more than you prefer to last all day.

Nothing is more frustrating than spending hours trying to recreate the perfect curls only to have them hold only a minutes or to fail altogether. However, pulling off a curly look is not a hopeless task.

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