Get Silky Waves Even With Coarse Hair


Clayton Hair Salon silky wavesThere’s always been innovation with hairstyles. The best stylists can create impressive hairstyles to match any person’s face, age or hair texture. But is it possible to get silky waves even with coarse hair? Yes, it is possible but does take some practice.  Finding the right products that work for your hair is crucial, so don’t give up after the first try.  Soon you’ll be sporting those silky waves that you desire.

Taming coarse hair takes both moisture and heat.  Coarse hair is naturally, drier than smooth textured hair.  Keeping the moisture in the hair is key to silky locks.  Using moisture-filled products at every step is key to success.


When cleaning the hair, select a moisture-rich shampoo.  Since coarse hair tends to tangle easily, don’t pile the hair on top of the head while shampooing.  Rather work the shampoo into the hair using a downward motion using both hands to move the shampoo to the ends.


Water is best to moisturize hair.  Choose a conditioner in which water is one of the first three ingredients.  Once again don’t  pile hair on top of the head, work the conditioner into the hair using a downward motion.  Deep conditioning hair for 20 minutes is beneficial.


Using a hair dryer will always have a dehydrating effect on the strands, but it can also aid in helping to straighten the hair.  Before starting to dry, divide the hair into four even sections.  Dry each section using a large round brush.  Take strands of hair and roll around brush, once dry, take more strands.  Continue in this manner until each section is done.

Heat Protectant

Before using a flat iron, always use a thermal heat protectant on your hair.  This product helps keep moisture in your hair and protects your strands from heat damage.

Flat Iron

Put the flat iron on a comfortable heat setting.  Take a small portion of hair and flat iron it from root to tip.  Use a gentle pressure so as not to pull out hair by the roots.  Complete each section before moving on to the next.

Now the hair is smooth and straight, to achieve the desired result style as usual. Finish off any styling with a light hairspray.

If you would like to have a professional turn your coarse hair into silky waves, contact Clayton Hair Salon at 919-795-6742.