Fun Hair Ideas This Christmas


What Should You Do With Your Hair This Christmas?

The holidays are here! With Christmas work parties, themed dinners, and other events coming up, you might want to look glam without being too ‘costumey’. There are plenty of great hairstyles you could try out this holiday season, here are some of our favorites!
1. Tying it in a Bow
We all love Christmas presents, and one of the outstanding elements of presents is the big bow in gift-wrapping. Why not tie your hair into a half up bow and even add dangling ribbons with Christmas themed colors to it? Lady Gaga is famous for rocking this style and it works with hair that is at least shoulder length or longer. Get the tutorial on how to tie you bow here.
2. Rudolph Bun
A Christmas cannot be complete without a little Rudolph. If your little girl loves the holiday season then carrying Rudolph at the back on her head to the Christmas party will be super exciting. It is so cute and simply irresistible. Here is the tutorial on how to tie the hair into a Rudolph Bun.
3. Holiday Bun
Hair styles this season don’t have to be complicated and time consuming. A simple, delicate and intricate style like the holiday bun is perfect and all you have to do to make it extra special is add a Christmas accessory to it. Learn how to tie one here.
4. Triple Plaited Bun
This bun is not only fancy but fun as well. To create it, simply plait three braids then knot them into one. What you get is a beautiful ornate look that will only take you a couple of minutes. This style is great for those with longer hair but if your hair is at least shoulder length, you can try it too. Find the tutorial on how to tie one here.
5. Poufy Mermaid
This hairstyle combines the classic Brigitte Bardot and mermaid braid. Add a touch of red to it with a ribbon tied into a bow and voila! You have a head turning hairstyle. It’s simply fantastic! Here’s a tutorial on how to make the perfect poufy mermaid.
6. Fabric Maiden Plait
This is one of the conventional hairstyles that has stood the test of time. However, add a glittery ribbon or silver ribbon to it and you will have successfully turned it into the perfect Christmas dinner or party hair do. Learn how to style it here.
7. Twisted Halo (half-up)
If you prefer the disheveled elegant look then this hairstyle is perfect for you. The twisted halo creates an angelic halo result but with a hippy feel to it. The other great this about this up do is that you don’t need to have long hair for the style. Simply use bobby pins to secure your headband and you will have it in place throughout. Check out this tutorial on how to create the twisted halo.
8. Bow Braid
We can never have enough bow hairstyles over Christmas. They are so chic. This bow braid is a classic and you can never go wrong with it. Learn how to style this hair do here.

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