Fall Hairstyles!


Fall Hairstyle

Fall is finally almost here among us. The heat is finally fading away and the season of a surplus of sweaters and soft braids has come yet again. Winter forces some of us to hide our hair under several layers of scarves and beanies on a daily basis. In case you are planning out your fall look, here are trends for every length, texture and skill level available at Hair Salon Clayton NC.

The Short Bob

The long bob has been one of the supreme hair styles for a long time. However, the short bob is beginning to replace its predecessor. Moreover, many celebrities have been spotted in short bobs and they do look great in their new looks. At your local hair salon, you get a no-fuss, straight-across cut that will work with your natural texture when you need it. A lot of women are moving to short hair not only for style, but simply for the ease of it. Not constantly having to put your hair up, spend tons of time washing it, and many more are all great reasons that women tend to look into shorter hair styles.

The Top Knot

Top knots pair seamlessly with a nice fall coat. The days of messy buns are gone and it is time for the snatched look. The top knot is also perfect for fall because you can do it totally by yourself. You can pull your hair into a ponytail by using tons of hair oil. After securing the ponytail, twist it until it’s taught and sculpt it into the top knot shape of your dreams. You can secure the top knot with elastics and voila. Depending on your hair, you may have to do slightly different things.

The Sleek Low Braid

A flawless shiny low ponytail or braid makes you look elegant will still holding your hair in place. When it comes to a flawless sleek low braid, brush or comb your hair while it’s still wet to get rid of bumps. It creates a super-smooth finish. Applying oil gives the ponytail a maximum shine.

The Perm

The modern perm is quite different the 80s perm, because it is all about beach waves, fullness, and a loose curl. Furthermore, the modern perm does less damage to your hair, which is a great thing. It is no wonder that stars like Kerry Washington and Emma Stone are spearheading the movement. Visit Clayton Hair to fix your perfect perm today. Whether you need a little more volume or a full Carrie Bradshaw, we got you covered.

The 60s Flip

The modern sleek is smooth and flips out only at the ends making this hairstyle the perfect romantic look for fall. If you have had beachy shoulder-to-medium-length waves in the summer, the 60s flip will totally transform your look. It only adds shape and dimension to your hair.

Other popular hairstyles for the fall season include:

  • The Perfectly Divided Bun-hawk
  • Coiled, Stacked nd Pinned Buns
  • Choppy, Heavily Layered Ponytail
  • Silk-tied Curls
  • Scarf-woven Braid
  • Half-up Double Puffs
  • Glossy Crisscross Ponytail
  • Wet-look Finger Waves
  • Textured French Twist
  • Softly Pinned and Back-Bombed Chignon
  • Side-swept braided bun
  • Braided and Linked Ponytail
  • Voluminous Cherry Curls
  • Razor Sharp
  • Curly Bob
  • Baby Bangs
  • Fuzzy Fringe

All of this is to say, if you’re really looking for something new, you’ll never run out of options with your hair. There’s plenty to choose from when it comes to a fall hairstyle. Don’t let the temperature stop you from looking good. Clayton Hair Salon is capable of taking care of all your hair needs and empowering you to seize the winter season.

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