Avoiding Dry Hair


Dry Hair no More!

Summer is the perfect time to enjoy the outside, whether you’re at home, at the pool, or at the beach. A day at the beach is always one well spent. But not so much for your skin or hair, the sun’s rays and abrasive ocean water can do a lot of damage. The summer heat can cause your hair to get dried out extremely quickly, just leaving it to bake in the sun. If you’ve really dried out your hair before, you know it truly looks different and just feels unhealthy. You definitely need to avoid this kind of situation. Doing this frequently can do a lot of damage to your hair follicles and scalp. Below are are a few tips for dry hair care:

Trimming your hair

It is good to keep the ends of your hair trimmed. Trimming often keeps your hair healthy and promotes new growth. Most of the heat damage and chemical stress is shown by your ends. That is why they break and dry out very easily, and once they’ve done that it’s over. A regular trim helps your hair to stay full, healthy and keep moisture. You can get your hair trimmed at any hair salon closest to you.

Mask your hair

It is a good idea to use a moisturizing mask on your hair especially in hot seasons. Using a conditioning mask once or twice a month is good enough. In case you have had a regular chemical process or heat on your hair, you should use a conditioning mask twice a month. Deep conditioning treatment keeps your hair strong to battle the dry climate and remain full for the summer.

Take advantage of heatless hairstyles

Using heat on your hair, in general, isn’t the best thing for it. During summer, just skip the heat styling altogether if you can. One, it keeps your scalp feeling cool and secondly, it allows your hair to retain its natural moisture. The popular hairstyles for summer like braids can be achieved without heat. You can also choose to use the new ‘no blow dry’ creams as part of your dry hair care routine. If you’ve seen the split-ends that flat ironing too much produces you know it’s no joke.

Treat your hair at night

You might have heard of the saying that your body repairs itself while you sleep. At night, your body works to repair what was damaged during the day. It is the best time to treat your hair with natural hair oil mist. This treatment is a very effective overnight hair treatment that leaves your hair hydrated and refreshed for the next day.

Just like it’s important for your skin, you need to keep your hair hydrated and comfortable. If you really need help and advice you should run down to your hairdresser and just ask them for advice, they’ll surely be able to help you.