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Womens Hair Services

Women’s Hair Cuts and Styles

♢ Women’s haircut (35 & up)asds
♢ Women’s blow-out (35 & up)
♢ Women’s shampoo & cut (55 & up)
♢ Women’s hair style (chemical services include cut, blow dry, and style)
♢ Women’s up-do (80 & up)

Pro Tip:  Whether it’s just adding a few layers or chopping it all off, consider your lifestyle when you chose hair cut or hairstyle. Is your routine more like get-up-and-get-out-the-door, or do you have enough time to put yourself together? The bottom line is: You don’t want your new haircut to interfere with your usual routine.

Women’s hair perms

♢ Expert with permed hair (150 & up)
♢ Hair Perms for long hair (150 & up)

Post Permed Hair Tips: You should shampoo your hair only 24 or 48 hours after the perming process. Your hair needs time to adjust to the chemicals used in your treatment. Also, do not blow dry your hair. And have your hair trimmed every 4-5 weeks to keep it healthy and to spring up your curls.

specializes in hard to manage wavy or curly hair

Women’s Hair Color Services

♢ All over hair color in Clayton (135 – with cut)
♢ Two color hair coloring (175 & up)
♢ Ombré hair cut and color (175 & up)
♢ Halo highlights (150 & up depending on length of hair)
♢ Partial highlights with or without color
♢ Multi-dimensional hair color (starting at 150 depending on length and colors)
♢ Hair Color correction

General Hair (all services include cut, blow dry, and style)

Pro Tip: Choose a color that suits your skin tone. Understand that haircolor is different for everyone. Color develops a bit differently on every person, so you should consider hair condition, starting color and how much processing has gone on.

Kristty has years of experience in all aspects of women’s hair. She loves helping her customers find their own, individual perfect cut, color, and style. Check out more at Hair Salon Clayton NC! Now let’s get some hair color!