Why You Should Get a Haircut More Often

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Sherrys - Beautiful Hair!Hair grows at different speeds for different people making it quite difficult to give a specific schedule for getting regular haircuts. However, four to six weeks is a standard for most people. There are many myths associated with haircuts and growing longer hair, although it is not proved. Here are a few other reasons why you should get haircuts regularly in Clayton NC:

Get a fresh new look

For people sporting a short haircut, uncontrolled hair growth makes your look messy and untidy. Getting a regular haircut will always keep you looking fresh and neat. It also makes it easier to manage the haircut.

Controlling split ends

Split ends are unavoidable and most people get them. They can be quite damaging to your hair if left uncontrolled. Trimming your hair regularly keeps split ends at bay. The split ends can be progressive, once it starts at the tip of your hair strand, it can continue splitting towards your scalp. This makes your hair weak and more prone to hair loss.

Avoid frizzy hair

With the wild growth and split ends, you will end up with straggly and frizzy looking hair. This is the kind of hair that keeps breaking into when trying to comb it out. It is much harder to maintain or style. Trimming your hair regular keeps it healthy with fine strands and this will help you grow a healthier mane.


Growing healthy hair

Regular trimming is an important part of growing healthy hair. If your hair has many split ends, it will continue to break off the tip since it is weaker. This will make it appear as if your hair is not growing any longer. It can be quite frustrating when your desire is a healthy head of hair. Regular trims get rid of the where the split ends start allowing you to have healthy strands of hair that are easier to manage. You will start noticing a huge difference in the length of the hair over time.

Get new styles and treatments

Visiting your Clayton hair stylist regularly also gives you a chance to get advice on the latest treatments and hair products that will look great on your hair. You can choose to refresh your look or get a whole new look from the latest hair fashion trends. When you visit your trusted

When you visit your trusted hair salon in Clayton NC regularly, you get a good wash with conditioner and hair treatments that your hair needs to stay healthy and well nourished. So what are you waiting for? Call us to book your next haircut session!

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