What You Should Be Talking About With Your Stylist

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Clayton Hair Salon hair stylistWhen you go to a hair stylist, one thing is for sure: communication is vital. To get the result, you’re looking for; your stylist has to know where you’re coming from, what you’re looking for and what kind of relationship you’ve got with your hair.  Merely showing them a picture of your favorite celebrity’s new haircut definitely won’t do the trick. To get the most out of your hair salon visit and reap results that will last for months even after you leave the chair. Here are three of the most important things that you should be talking about with your stylist.

Tell Your Stylist About Yourself

Do you go to the gym six days a week and swim every afternoon? Are you super low-maintenance? Do you hate styles that feel too short? These details can be the difference between a style that you love and one that you hate! The more that your stylist knows about you, the better they can create a style that will suit every aspect of your life. A good stylist knows that hairstyles aren’t one-size-fits-all.  The stylist will be able to use the information that you give to deliver a result that’s compatible with your lifestyle, personality, and habits.

How Healthy Is My Hair?

The idea of having a professional stylist diagnose your hair might be scary, but what’s even more frightening is not knowing your hair’s condition. Have your stylist look at your roots, ends, and scalp, and ask for their honest opinion. Not only will this allow your stylist to know exactly how to handle your hair and what products to use on it, but they will also be able to give you great advice on any products, treatments or practices to incorporate into your hair care routine. Look for feedback on your hair’s strength, elasticity, and level of wear.

How Much Maintenance Will My Style Need?

So you’ve finally gotten the style that you wanted, and everything looks perfect. You leave the salon and head home, and eventually get a couple days’ wear out of your new haircut before you have to wash your hair. Only when you’ve stepped out of the shower, and your hair is dripping wet do you realize: you don’t know how to recreate that gorgeous style!

When it comes to maintaining your style, here’s what you need to ask your stylist.

  • What products can I use to recreate this look?
  • How should I blow dry\straighten\ curl my hair to recreate this look?

The more you know about the upkeep of your cut, the more you can rest assured that you’ll be getting that salon look at home every single time!

The next time you sit in a stylist’s chair at the salon, keep these three tips in mind! You’ll find that better communication will leave you completely satisfied with the final result, and you’ll undoubtedly leave the salon a lot more knowledgeable than when you came in.

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