What Causes Split Ends and How to Deal With Them

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Split ends are awful to see. If you want a real healthy hair, then managing your split ends is a must. But first, you need to fully understand the reasons for getting split ends. While there is no remedy to fix them, there are ways to prevent the ends from scorching as it were.

Split ends are quite impossible to repair. The only proven effective way to get rid of them is by cutting. Don’t neglect split ends as it may result to more shaft of the hair to split.

Protective Products

There are a few products available in the market these days that can help prevent split ends or somehow close them up and provide a protective layer. You can ask your trusted hair stylist for effective products which can combat split ends. Some products may make your split ends to become less visible. Intensive hair treatments could likewise help the hair shaft to regrow.

The Best Solution

The best solution to split ends is to do your best not to get any. The hair of one person may split faster than that of another. However, dry hair tends to split faster. The way you maintain the condition of your hair plays a big role in avoiding split ends.

Over Brushing

Too much brushing of your hair can cause split ends because it disrupts the epidermis. The most common cause is brushing the hair while it is still wet. Consider that wet hair can stretch up to 25%.

Hair Coloring

Coloring of the hair makes could also contribute to developing split ends especially if your stylist doesn’t use the right products. You should take care of your hair by ensuring you only use hair health products if you color your hair a lot.

Heated Appliance

Using heated appliances on your hair can dry the hair a lot that they eventually split. Use blowers and straightening irons as less as possible. And if you must use, don’t forget to protect your hair with a good hair care product.


Rubber Bands

Rubber bands and a lot of fancy hair accessories can likewise cause damage to the hair. Avoid the use of uncovered rubber bands because often pull out hairs. Be very picky with the kind of accessories you put on your hair and make sure they can’t inflict any damage to your hair.

Keeping The Health of Your Hair

First, you need o understand that your overall health affects the condition of your hair.  A low-fat diet can make the hair dull and ugly. It is recommended to add healthy fats like olive oil or fish oil to your diet. These healthy fats are good not only for your hair but for your entire body as well.

It is also best to have your hair trimmed regularly at your trusted salon. For a salon in Clayton with staff that really knows how to take god care of your crowning glory, contact us!

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