Tips to Stay Cool With Long Hair

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Ways to Stay Cool With Longer Hair in the Spring

Spring is here and while there’s so much more for you to do out there, you’ve got to be able to stay cool. It is easier to dress less and stay in cool places, but it is a little more challenging to keep your hair cool, especially for those who love to keep their hair long. Long, full, and thick hair may retain more heat during hot weather, but with the following tips, you will be able to beat the heat.

  • Air Dry Your Hair More

During spring, the weather is hot and it gives you the opportunity to avoid heat drying your air. Using heat during this weather only makes it worse as it accumulates. After washing your hair, simply let it loose to dry and let the warm air dry it naturally. Air-drying also comes with the added advantage that it leaves your hair healthy and strong. Something as simple as rubbing your hair down with a towel is shown to cause some damage to it.

  • Tie it up Into a Pony Tail and Avoid Extensions

How you tie, your hair contributes to the amount of heat it can retain especially if you have thicker hair. Holding it all together in a ponytail allows air to run through your hair. In addition, it will not be exposed to your skin, which means it will stay dry longer and not radiate that heat directly to your skin. When taking on activities, the sweat does not leave your hair clinging to your skin leaving it cooler in the long-term. Avoiding extensions also means that you will be keeping your hair light, allowing more air to run through your hair thus a cooling effect.

  • Phase out Heavier Creams and Oils

When the weather is warm as is during spring, there is more humidity and thus no need to use heavy creams to hydrate your hair. During spring, the heavier products will weigh your hair down while at the same time retain heat. Go for oils with a lighter consistency, leaving your hair feeling free and cool. It really will make a difference.

  • Use Humidity Blocking Products

Spring means higher levels humidity making it difficult to stay cool and keep hair styled how you want. To counter these concerns, it is best that you consider products that come with humidity blockers. This will control the amount of moisture on your hair strands. This will also reduce frizzing of your hair. We all know how puffy and wild hair can get when humidity really starts to affect it.

  • Shampoo More

During the spring, many get out to take part in more outdoor activities, meaning you’ll accumulating more sweat and dirt. This plays a role in retaining heat so you may need to shampoo more to help get rid of the dirt. Your scalp will feel lighter, making it easier to stay cool. In addition, it is important to pick the right shampoo for the season. Long hair does not have to be a burden especially during spring as many think that it will be hectic to care and maintain it. With the above hair tips, you should be able to keep yourself cooler and your hair healthier!

If you’re looking to just go ahead and get a hair cut so you can avoid all of this all together, go ahead and contact us and let’s get you an appointment set up!