Tips For Defeating Stringy Hair

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A lot of us are dealing with stringy hair every day, you know, hair that always looks like we just woke up and refuses to hold a style. This problem can be solved pretty quickly, but you are going to need to make some changes in your hair routine. Once you start, your hair is going to thank you by being shiny, silky, and beautiful. Here are some hair tips that are going to help you deal with stringy hair.

Don’t Go to Bed with Wet Hair

Clayton Hair Salon hair tipsShowering before bed is fine, but you should not go to bed with your hair wet. Wet hair is susceptible to tangling and breaking, which is why your follicles should never be wet when you go to sleep. You can switch to a morning shower, or you can blow-dry your hair before bed. If you have to go to bed with wet hair, braid it. You are going to have some gentle waves when you wake up, and you are going to save your hair from unnecessary tangling.

Dry Your Hair Upside Down

When you are blow-drying your hair, it is best to put the brush down and start by using your hands. The best game plan is to flip your head upside-down and dry it, to maximize the volume of your hair and lift the roots of the hair follicles. Once you notice that your hair is almost dry, you should flip your head and brush your hair out, to smooth it down and give it the desired shape.

Get Rid of Split Ends

Your split ends do not magically fuse back together, and you should give up that hope right away. You have to cut the split ends off; if you don’t, they are going to continue to split and damage the healthy hair. You should never think about the scissors as your enemy, especially if you want to have long, healthy hair. Even though it might break your heart a little bit, you should trim your hair at least every three months. Keeping up the regular trim schedule is going to allow you to get rid of split ends and stringy hair.

Ditch the Plastic Combs

Clayton Hair Salon heat damageEven though plastic combs are portable, cheap, and practical, they are terrible for your hair. Plastic is non-conductive, and it will give you static hair. A metal or a wooden brush is not going to cause static hair that sticks out of your ponytail.

Heat is Not Your Friend

Even though you love them, your flat and curling iron subject your hair to extreme heat, leaving it dry and brittle. And if you are struggling with stringy hair, to begin with, this is not a good combination. You can still use your styling tools but in moderation.

With these tips, you’ll soon have the beautiful, shiny hair that you desire.

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