Clayton Hair Salon hair stylist in ClaytonNo question having curly hair is a blessing, but if you have curls, you also know the struggle that comes with it. Tangles, dryness, frizz and the list goes on! Caring for curly hair takes a lot of time and patience, but by learning from a hair stylist in Clayton how to take proper care of your curls, you’ll soon see that all of the sacrifices will be worth it. Here are three ways to tame your curly hair with just a few simple tweaks to make every day a good hair day.

1.  Conditioner is your friend

Conditioner’s primary function is to smooth and soften your hair – a godsend for curly girls everywhere. Most conditioners contain softening agents, humectants, and proteins that moisturize and strengthen your hair. If you’re skimping on conditioner, you may be making your curls pay for it in the form of dryness and frizz. To keep your strands fuzz-free, use conditioner every single time you wash your hair. Letting the product absorb into your hair is the most critical part of using conditioner, so ensure that you let it sit on your curls for at least 5 minutes before you wash it off. Here’s a tip: wash your hair and apply conditioner first, so that it has time to do its magic while you finish showering.

2.  Make good use of hair masks

Although conditioner is excellent, there’s no way that it can do the job of taming your curly hair on its own. To infuse moisture and other nutrients into your hair, you need to use a hair mask. Also called deep conditioners, hair masks are specially formulated to penetrate your hair and hydrate from within instead of on the surface. They often contain oils like coconut or olive oil, two penetrating oils that work to keep your hair’s moisture and protein content perfectly balanced. Balance is the key to healthy curly hair, so incorporating a nutrient-rich mask into your weekly or bi-weekly routine does wonders to keep your curls plump, soft and healthy.

3.  Curl definition is key

A curl-defining product is any product that clumps your curls together. The more clumped your curls are, the less frizzy and tangled your hair gets! Plus, curl definers let your curl pattern shine through. Moisturizing gels, mousses, and curling creams are all curl definers. These products give your hair what plain old gels just can’t – moisture and definition all in one! To avoid an end product that’s too crunchy, layer some oil before you leave the house. It will break the cast of the product and give your hair a beautiful sheen.

Just by adding these three simple tips to your curly hair routine, you can take your curls from being less-than-impressive to being the point of conversation! Use a moisturizing conditioner, deep condition with a hair mask once or twice a week and avoid tumbleweed hair by using a curl-defining product. It’s simple, affordable, and most importantly – effective.

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