Summer is Round the Corner – Is it Time to Go Short?

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Clayton Hair Salon summer hair cutAs summer approaches, it is possibly every woman’s dilemma whether to cut her hair short or keep it long. And there are always those second thoughts sitting there in the chair at the salon. The goal is a hairstyle that is effortless, low-maintenance and less frizzy.

Experimenting is a huge aspect of styling. So, for women who have had long hair for a long time, it is always an excellent idea to get that summer haircut and go easy on the locks. Cutting hair reduces the problem of split ends which many think is incurable (yes, it works)! There are many other pros of having short hair, let’s look at a few:

Low maintenance

A short hairstyle reduces the maintenance aspect drastically.  The products for styling and the time it takes to dry and style will all be reduced.  So, short hair is every lazy person’s guide to dealing with their hair.

Adding an edge to your looks

Having short hair highlights your facial features and gives your face a more definitive angle. Having bangs that end right near the collarbone or the jawline will add emphasis to these bony structures and make them appear longer. And coloring your hair when short, gives an added energy to the whole look.

Best way to beat the heat

A short summer haircut is the best way to deal with the summer heat.  Not having hair around the neck in the summer helps keep the body cool.  And for those with curly hair, a short cut keeps that frizz to a controllable level.

Styling limitation

Yes, short hair does not allow certain styling options such as buns, twists, and braids, but try spiking or slicking back the hair to vary the style for different occasions.

So, what are you waiting for ladies?  End the hesitation and grab those scissors. This summer explore new options and opt for the edgy, stylish, effortless summer hair cut.

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