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Prom hair

Special Occasions and Additional Services

♢ Prom up-do’s (55.00 & up)
♢ Other Clayton Beauty Salon Services
♢ Facial Waxing
♢ Full Facial Waxing (20.00)
♢ Eyebrow Waxing (14.00)
♢ Lip waxing (12.00)
♢ Eyelash Tints / Eyebrow Tints (18.00)
♢ Blow Dry (15.00)
♢ Makeup (20.00 & up)

Is it “prom hair” or an up-do?

Choosing Your Prom Hairstyle

Finding the perfect hair for prom can be exciting, as well as overwhelming at times. Here are some guidelines to make sure your prom hair style is as perfect as your prom night!

1. Consider your hair type. Can it hold curls from a hot iron?
Of course it is perfectly fine if your curls eventually fall out. But you need to make sure you keep your look lasting long into dancing. If your hair never holds curl, you can opt for styles that are swept up or work with straight, or perhaps wavy textures.

2. What is the neckline of your dress?
Wearing a strapless gown with your hair up may make you feel too bare. A half up style could be more comfortable for you. If your dress has embellishments on a higher neckline, or if it is a halter, wearing your hair down could result in snarls and tangles to your hair and dress.

3. What makes you comfortable?
As it is a very important night, you would want to feel as confident and comfortable as possible. Are you more comfortable with some hair left loose around the face? Or perhaps you shine better in sleeked back styles. Being confident will make your night more enjoyable. Having trouble deciding? Let our professional stylist here at Clayton Hair Salon help you!