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Perms have come a long way since the 80’s. These days perms can be fine tuned to give you just the sort of curl or wave that you need. Perms and body waves add volume to fine limp hair giving it a much thicker appearance.They can also add “runway” design to otherwise dead hair. The kind of curls available range from subtle loose and sexy waves to ringlets, to corkscrew type curls.

Perm Options

A body wave is a very loose curl that adds larger curls or waves in the hair. Both are becoming increasingly more popular among celebrities and the younger age groups. A perm/wave changes the structural bonds of your own hair so that you can reshape it into the desired curl or After receiving a perm/wave, the hair can’t be shampooed for 1-3 days contingent upon the sort of perm used as well as your hair kind.

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A curl is a lock of hair that flows in uniform in an “S” shaped pattern. Choosing the right amount of separation can be challenging to some new perm customer for the very first day or two. When the curl becomes separated too much, you’ll fight frizz. When the curl “clumps” upward too much, you strike a “spaghetti string” appearance. Utilizing the proper hair-care products after having a perm makes all the difference in your perm look.

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Perm Care Tips

Perms offer voluptuous volume without having to heat style your hair every day. However, this also means that your locks tend to become fragile and requires special care to retain its healthy, glossy shine.

  • After perming, wait 24 hours before washing your hair. After washing, simply blot your hair dry by wrapping it loosely in a towel. Do not rub your hair dry. Opt for a gentle patting motion instead. Air drying is the best for permed hair.
  • Use a wide-toothed comb (never use a brush), when combing your permed hair.
  • Apply styling products in sections, and make sure you use the right ones. Anti-frizz serum is good for getting rid of flyaways. Gels and products with a high hold factor will give you tight curls. If you like looser curls, go with light products like lotions and mousses.
  • If you’re the type of girl who only cuts her hair once or twice a year, it is time to get a trim every three or four months. When your hair is long and heavy, your curls will lose their bounce.

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