Keep Your Hair Looking Great This Summer

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Clayton Hair Salon HairNo matter whether you have colored your hair or not, the harmful UV rays will always cause fading and make hair appear fried. That’s right; sun rays not only affect skin they also damage hair.  Those nasty rays turn the smooth outer layer of hair into something brassy and bleached.  Swimmers may face additional trouble due to the frequent contact with chlorinated water.

Those who want to keep their hair free from stress can follow some simple hair care tips. A little effort and soon you will be able to enjoy lovely, shiny and bouncy hair.

Top Tips for enjoying healthy hair in this Summer Season:

Summer Trim

The very first thing that you need to do is take away those split ends and enjoy a new hair style. Since hair grows faster in the summer, you may prefer to go for a short summer hair cut. Keep it short and off the neck to stay cool.

Sun Damage Protection

It is essential to follow a routine habit of using hair care products with UV protection. Just as you need to use sunblock on your skin, these hair products protect your hair from sun damage.

Rinse Hair

Rinse hair with clean water after enjoying swimming in chlorinated water. It will help to keep your hair free from chemicals and chlorinated water damage.

Moisturizing Products

People prefer to wash their hair more frequently in the summer to deal with grime and sweat. Using an anti-residue shampoo at least once in a week helps get rid of chemical build up. Use a moisturizing conditioner to counteract the drying effects of the heat and sun.

Outwit Frizz

Well maintained, healthy hair is the best defense against terrible frizz. Try to follow routine trimming and conditioning sessions with anti-frizz serums or oils so that hair can get its natural shine back.

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