How to Ask for Hair Salon Referral from Friends?

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Clayton Hair SalonIf you are hunting for a hair salon, it may not be as straightforward and easy as you might have imagined. The salons available closest to you might lack the hair stylists who can fulfill your demands. The ones with all the hype might turn out to be your biggest disappointment.

The stylists at Clayton Hair Salon have been in the Clayton area for a LONG time – WITHOUT a whole lot of hype.  Kristty Smith was the original owner of Hair on Main for years. After selling it a few years ago and moving into Violet Barbour’s location on Second St, known simply as “Miss Violet’s Place” for decades, Kristty has welcomed all of her OLD clients from Hair on Main, and a whole lot of new clients! Choosing the right expert is challenging, but choosing one that has been around the area successfully for years is usually going to be a great choice. There’s a reason that the stay busy year after year.

Ask Your friends

If you have a friend, colleague or a family relative who has impressed you with her hair cut and styling, ask them which hair salon they use for their hair styling. There is absolutely nothing better than getting a personal recommendation of hair stylists and hair salons. You will be a clear winner if your hair texture and quality match with that of your friend.

Check Out the Salon Locations

When you want to get hold of the best hair salon, the location won’t matter to you so much. But, you would want a salon that is either near your residence or workplace. We are close by in beautiful downtown Clayton NC.  Convenient with our own parking lot right at the shop.  Easy access including handicapped entrance. The right location can save you time and energy, especially when you have a very hectic and busy schedule.

Don’t Make Choice by the Price

While you are searching for a hair salon, it is essential for you to find out whether you have the budget to bear the expense of the salon visits every month. When you find a hair salon that frequently advertises the big deals and price cuts, it is recommended to avoid that salon. A good hair salon doesn’t require such tactics to attract new customers or retain the old ones.

Go Through the Reviews

Getting reviews and feedbacks on hair salons has become so easy and simple today. You can sit back at your home and list down the salons in different localities with the positive and the negative reviews from the regular and the new customers. Social media platforms like Facebook or testimonials of the customers makes looking up reviews very easy. Hence, you can make your decision about going to the hair salon and investing money easily.

Don’t be unfair about judging the hair stylists. You cannot have unrealistic expectations from them. There is only so much they can do with the amount of hair you have and the texture of your hair. You will look your best with the haircut that suits you, but you shouldn’t be expecting to be transformed into a model or a celebrity with a simple haircut.

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