How Do I Break Up With My Hairstylist?

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Let’s be honest breakups are always painful, whether it is with your significant other or someone you have trusted your most prized possession with…your hair. There could be several reasons you want to leave your current hairdresser behind and experience new things. It could be because your current hairstylist has become expensive or moved somewhere far away, but the worst is when your hairstylist stops understanding your hair. If all your efforts to make them understand have not resolved your concerns, breaking up may be the only solution. Heartbreaking, I know.

Leaving Your Hair Stylist

Communication is Key

Breaking up with a hairstylist is no different than breaking up with any friend or partner. In any relationship, communication is critical. Before making the final decision to break up, try to communicate about what exactly you are looking for, and how they are missing the mark. Make sure you maintain the sanctity of the bond that you have created with your hairstylist over the years because you were once their loyal customer. Try to give them subtle hints here and there so that they are mentally prepared – not all of us like being surprised, especially when the surprise is negative. Keep it friendly and polite, but be sure to make it clear what you expect from them. Your relationship is a business transaction, and if you don’t feel you are getting what you paid for, they need to know. Most business people know they have to keep their customers happy and are quite accommodating to customers who express a problem and work to resolve it amicably.

Walk Away

If you are not comfortable having a conversation with your stylist, then the best possible solution is to stop going to them altogether. Most customers show their dissatisfaction with a business by just taking their patronage elsewhere. This statement is true across all types of services and businesses. Customers do not like confrontation and given a choice – they move on.

Your approach will depend on the relationship, the length of the relationship, and your comfort level. It’s hard to end a bond created over many years, so be mindful and try to communicate your concerns before bidding farewell to a relationship with your hairstylist.

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