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clayton-hairdresserIt is quite difficult for the regular woman to keep up with the trending hairstyles today. New hairstyles come up while some of the old ones are brought back to life. Here is a guide to some of the hairstyle trends for 2016 to keep you looking fashionable and trendy.

Dip-dye hair color

The art of coloring hair has existed for ages and women have literally transformed from blondes to brunettes overnight. However, one particularly awesome hair coloring trend of 2016 is the dip-dye hair color. Singer Miranda Lambert gave us a taste of the dip-dye back in 2015 with her light pink and blonde combination that turned out great. We should expect more of the dip-dye with the promise of such amazing results.

Embracing the natural hair texture

Many runway models today are abandoning the rows of gels and hairspray to embrace the natural hair texture. Curly, wavy and frizzy, whatever it is, match it up with a good old trim and some enriching hair products. Looking glamorous in natural hair texture can be a true test of confidence for some people in Clayton NC, but there are plenty of other hairstyles to choose from in 2016.

The messy long bob

Well, the term messy should not be taken literally but this is a fun and funky hairstyle that will bring the fun back into your life in 2016.  From January Jones, Anne Hathaway to Beyonce Knowles, the messy long bob is a must have in 2016 if you have the knack for it. Short, wavy and sometimes a bit wavy, the long bob can be worn in different styles.


Slicked back with a twist

You can add a bit of twist into the slicked back ponytail. Instead of just letting it hang off the back, you can twist the ponytail into a tight coil. This sleek look has already turned heads on the runways in Paris and Milan and it should be a look to try in 2016. You can also add Balmain extensions to your slicked back look for extra pizzazz.

The modern updo

The modern updo is a wrapped and pinned up look that is not too uptight or serious. It is more relax with a few loose strands left to play by the check bones.  It is the ideal hairstyle to show off some accessories while going for a glamorous night out or simply keeping your hair out of the way while at work.

Talk to an expert hairstylist in Clayton NC and find out which hairstyles for 2016 suit you. Book an appointment with Clayton Hair Salon today.

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