Hairbrush 101: Choose the Best Suited Hairbrush for Your Hair

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Clayton Hair Salon hairbrushGoing through hair care conundrums is a vital part of a girl’s life. A significant chunk of our life is spent trying to update our hair with the latest hair trends and then working to bringing it back to its natural, unadulterated state.

From using expensive salon hair treatment masks to drenching your hair in the goodness of coconut oil, we tend to try every single treatment in hopes of magically acquiring luscious locks overnight. What we fail to understand is that hair care starts at the root level. It depends on how, when and with what to we brush our locks every single day.

All of us have seen a variety of hairbrushes. Some are rounded; some come in a padded cushion, some have synthetic nylon brushes while others have the typical boar bristles attached to them. These different hairbrushes are not just for different hair types, but also for achieving different results.

Hairbrushes can play an important role both in our daily hair care as well as hairstyling routines. You should choose the hairbrushes which are suitable for your hair and styling needs. Here’s a list of hairbrushes and their appropriate use.

Detangling Comb. Whenever you come out of a shower, your hair is at its weakest. When it’s wet, avoid using hair combs or brushes with boar bristles. Instead, use a wide-toothed comb to run gently through your wet hair. This comb will remove any knots or tangles from your hair, preventing unnecessary breakage.

Boar Bristle Brush.  If you have thin hair and your greasy scalp always looks like an oil slick, try using a boar bristled brush. The boar bristles on this hairbrush evenly distribute your scalp oils to the end of your hair, resulting in shiny and moisturized hair look.

Nylon Bristle Brush.  A Nylon bristle brush is ideal for girls with thick, impenetrable hair. The nylon bristles move smoothly through your hair without tangling or resulting in excessive breakage of hair.

Paddle Brush.  Use a paddle brush for regular brushing of your hair. If you have hair that falls in between thin straight and curly thick hair, then paddled brush is quintessential for your haircare.

Round Brush.  You may have seen this brush in several sizes, mostly in hair salons. If you are after that oh so beautiful, blowout, then this is the brush for you. This brush gives massive amounts of volume to your hair along with a bouncy curl.

Tail Comb.  This sleek looking comb is perfect to give your hair a dead straight, side or middle hair part.  The tightly packed teeth of this comb can be used to tame flyaway hair, near your temples.

Teasing Comb.  If you want to imitate the teased elaborate hairdo of the 1960’s, then a teasing comb/teasing brush is the one for you. Its boar bristles are designed to create a voluminous look, which gives your hair a puffed up, younger looking demeanor.

Caring for your hair becomes a cakewalk if you know how to use the appropriate brush for your hair type. A simple ritual of brushing your hair can benefit your hair immensely if you brush it the correct way!

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