Hair Tips for Pool Season

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The Guide to Hair Care Tips for Pool Season

Now that the sun is out and you are ready to let loose and relax in the pool, you need to be ready to care for your, the pool and sun are very harsh conditions for it. The harsh rays of the sun will cause your scalp and hair to dry up. Furthermore, the chlorine will definitely affect your hair. This guide will furnish you with the most reliable pool hair care tips.

Hair Care Tips for Managing Pool Hair Before Swimming

You really do need some kind of hair care plan if you’re going to be visiting the pool at all this summer, don’t underestimate the ferocity of the sun and chlorine. 

  1. Braid up: If you have long hair, braiding is the best option before you start swimming. It will help you keep all of the water out of your hair and give the sun less surface area to affect. If you sunbathe, wear a hat or use hair products with some SPF in them.
  2. Protect your wet hair: This especially refers to those who want to swim in chlorinated pools. Make sure you wet your hair before you get into the pool. The extra layer of water will rinse off the hair products from your hair and also protect the hair from soaking the chemicals in the pool including chlorine. It can even help your hair soak up less salt at the beach!
  3. Protective wear: Coconut oil is like the Superman of all color-treated or dry hair. Make sure you apply coconut oil on the dry ends before you wet the hair. This creates a layer of protection that prevents anything from getting in and causing more damage and breaking.
  4. Cap your hair: Most people do not like wearing caps when they swim, but these are the best option when you are trying to protect your hair from the sun rays, chemicals, and salt. The advantage of using a cap is that you do not have to oil and wet the hair before you jump in the pool. It reduces your preparation time and has you covered just in case someone throws you into the pool. They’re not pretty, but they are mighty effective.

Hair Care Tips for AFTER Swimming

  1. Wash: Make sure you rinse off your hair immediately after stepping out of the pool or ocean. This will prevent the chlorine in your hair from drying up and settling in your hair. This reduces the damage that might occur if the chlorine or salt is not washed. Salt from the ocean is a natural bleacher. Therefore, unless you want your hair to lighten up, you better remember to rinse!
  2. Apply a leave-in conditioner and comb your hair with a wide tooth comb. This will just rejuvenate your hair, keep it from feeling dry and broken.

In general just exercise common sense, don’t stay out too long, rinse your hair, and take steps to protect and fortify it unless you don’t care about the damage. Happy summer and happy swimming!