Fun Hair Accessories You Should Try

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Clayton Hair Salon hair accessoriesA new year is a time to experiment and try out new things. How about this year adding hair accessories to your list? Many hair trends are introduced every year. Women are drifting away from simple buns and high ponytails and using more fun, funky hair accessories. There is no set age limit for wearing hair clips, bands, or beads, so anyone can choose the ones that appeal to them. Here are some of the trendiest, casual fun hair accessories for this year.

Trendy Hair Accessories

Hair Bow. The hair bow is the statement style symbol of Minnie Mouse, and it looks quite chic on everyone’s hair. It can be worn with any outfit, and it can be a simple ribbon or elaborate sparkly creation.

Hair Comb Pins. Hair comb pins look fancy and beautiful with every outfit, notably if you are dressed up for a formal event. They take your hairdo game to another level altogether.

Hair Clips. If you plan to add an extra sass and style to your hair game, then hair clips look amazingly elegant. Clips are easy to use, and one can choose from various types, including flat, banana, or duckbill clips.

Hair Bands. There has been a misconception that hair bands are specifically for children; however, that is not true nowadays. Get hair bands of different colors and materials to go with every outfit to create a new look this year.

Elastic Bands. Printed or floral elastic bands are big next year. These bands can be paired with a very casual winter or summer look. It can be a different look altogether as it is an essential item in creating a new bold look.

Flowers. Artificial flowers in the hair can make you feel pretty and trendy. It is a perfect fit for any formal event. For wedding events, festivities, or a birthday pair your hairdo with some beautiful flowers. Fragrant flowers add another layer of aura around you.

The time to lift your hair game is here as new trends are emerging with the new year. Classy and elegant hairdos are here to stay, but you can spruce them up using some great pins and hair accessories.

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