Cutting Your Hair Based On Face Shape

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Everyone wants the perfect haircut that flatters them and makes them look amazing, but with so many creative styles to choose from, how do you pick the right one? Have you ever requested a hairstylist to cut your hair based on a picture but then dislike the result? Not all haircuts work for all people. One great place to start if you’re unsure is your face shape.

Haircuts and Face Shapes


With an oval-shaped face, the face is longer than it is wide, and the jawline is slightly narrower than the hairline. It won’t have any outstanding points or angles. The great thing about having an oval face shape is that it works with many different hair cuts and styles, given that it is well-balanced and proportional. Though many hairstyles work with this particular face shape, a couple of great ones for an oval face are a blunt bob with pieces that frame the face or a shoulder-length haircut with layers to add some va-va-voom.

Long Ovals are oval faces, with the length being noticeably longer than the width. Some complimentary haircuts for this shape are cuts with long layers for volume, blunt bangs, bobs at chin length, and bangs swept to the side.


This kind of face is broader at the hairline and temples, then slowly slims down to a narrow chin. Heart-shaped faces typically have prominent foreheads and fantastic cheekbones. There are two ways to go with this face shape: something that accentuates that tapered face or gives it balance. A long bob past the shoulders, a cute pixie cut parted on the side, or a long hairstyle with a deep part on the side can help accentuate this face shape.


The forehead, cheekbones, and jawline are all about the same width in a square face shape. This face has a strong jawline. A cut featuring blunt bangs or a short bob can help accentuate the jawline. Alternatively, some soft and wispy bangs falling to the side can help soften the shape.


Round faces have the same width and length without any standout angles. People with these faces usually look slightly younger than they are to play around with some younger-looking haircuts. Some flattering hairstyles for this face are a long cut with layers, a choppy pixie cut, or short bangs on the side. These will all help add angles that elongate the face.

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