Tips for Coloring Your Hair without Damage

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Sherrys - Beautiful Hair!Coloring your hair is a great way to switch up your look. Unfortunately, a lot of people end up with severe damage after dying their hair by making some common mistakes that should totally be avoided. Here are a few tips you can use if you want to dye your hair without any damage.

See a professional

Dyeing or bleaching your hair involves serious chemical changes to the cells of the body. It makes your hair follicles porous to suck out the color and proteins from your hair and this can cause some damage. If you have no experience in handling hair dye or if you have never dyed your hair before, it is best to leave it to a professional hairstylist in Clayton.

Avoid too much bleach

You cannot simply go from a dark brunette to platinum blonde in one treatment without ruining your hair. It is advisable to go through multiple treatments to change the hair color without extensive damage. Sometimes the damage caused by bleach does not go away until you cut your hair and start over.

Use clarifying shampoo

You can use a clarifying shampoo to lighten up your new color if it is too dark for you. This will help you avoid bleaching it or dyeing it again, which causes more hair damage. If the color end is too light and you want to darken it, you can dye it again for half the recommended amount of time. If you are too worried about this process, just leave it to professionals since they know exactly what to do to get the kind of color you want.


Always do a strand test

Before dyeing your hair, you should do a strand test. Use a few trimmed pieces of hair or the hair on the back of your head to see how your hair reacts to the product before you commit to coloring your entire head. This is particularly advisable for products or colors that you have never used before.

Use hair masks

Bleaching and dyeing hair suck the moisture right out of it. You need to get all that moisture artificially back into your hair to make it more elastic and less brittle. You need to do this regularly using hair masks. You can either buy them commercially or use homemade hair masks. You should do this for as long as you have the dye or bleached hair to keep it looking good.

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