Got Flat Hair? Here’s What You Need to Do to Boost Volume

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clayton hair stylistMost people who have fine and flat hair use the wrong hair products and styling techniques that make the hair even flatter. Even the very products that some stylists in Clayton NC recommend to boost volume could be the ones that let you down. There’s probably a lot more you need to do to give your flat hair some extra volume.

Change your shampoo

Shampoos can contribute to making your hair lose its volume. The ones that contain polymers are key culprits because the plastic melts on your hair making it flatter. Replace your shampoo and look at the ingredients carefully the next time you buy. Consider those with natural ingredients and also avoid the creamy and thick type. Wash your hair thoroughly to prevent buildup of chemicals. Find a stylist in Clayton NC to recommend a clarifying shampoo that is designed to add body to your hair.

Use a good hairbrush

Metal hairbrushes are recommended because, unlike plastic, metal conducts heat making the hair smooth and easy to detangle when blow drying. The technique you use when drying hair with a brush is also important. Apply heat underneath the hair brush while finishing at the ends. Plastic combs tend to make your hair strands fixed on one place so it’s best not to use them when combing dry hair.

Don’t dry the hair immediately

To avoid exposing your hair to too much heat, dry your hair with a towel first and then wrap it so that it can dry before you blow dry. Try and remove as much moisture as you can with a towel before you start working on the hair with a dryer. Use the cool setting to dry your hair and avoid exposing it to extreme heat. You can even leave the hair up and lifted as you do your makeup so that it can dry naturally.


Choose your styling products wisely

Styling products, especially the ones that add shine, can really make your hair flat. The trick is to use them sparingly. You can apply the product on your hair brush and then sweep it on your hair gently. Also find a product that is specifically designed for flat hair.

Use a light conditioner

Flat hair can easily tangle when you wash it. The trick is to use a light conditioner and make sure you wash it off thoroughly so that no residue is left on your hair. Apply the conditioner from the bottom to cover at least three-quarters of your hair. Avoid the scalp because it can make your hair look flatter.

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