Flat Irons – Do You Really Know How to Use Them?

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Clayton Hair Salon hair productsOver the years women have tried and experimented with different methods of straightening their unruly mane, but only one process has stuck, the use of flat irons. Flat irons have been used by almost everyone wanting straight hair. But, there have been concerns about the perfect way of using them. After all, the flat iron is at the same temperature used to bake a pizza! So clamping your beautiful hair in the clutches of the iron should be done with care. Listed below are some of the common mistakes that are made while using the flat iron and the precautions to be taken.

Hair Can Burn

Just like skin, hair can also get charred, the difference being the burning of hair is not felt. The simple act of hair straightening, done too often or incorrectly, can cause severe damage to the hair strands without a person even realizing it. A healthy hair strand has an inner glow as well as an external reflective shine. Excessive heat can cause permanent damage to both, which can only be rectified by cutting off the damaged part.

Depletion of Natural Moisture

The moisture content in the hair strand keeps it nourished and elastic. Excessive heat application on the hair strands will rob it off its moisture content and cause breakage and brittleness. The best advice is to use a flat iron on relatively dry hair to reduce the damage posed by the heat (ironing your hair instead of steaming it). Teflon-coated irons are the best ones in the market to be used.

Thermal Protectant

To minimize heat-styling damage, the application of a heat protectant on the hair strands is a must. There are many brands of heat protectants available in the market.  Look for products which ensure the protection of the hair up to 450 degrees of heat and resists humidity, thus reducing the frizz in the hair. Products which have oil or silicone in their composition can weigh the hair down and should be avoided.

Correct Temperature

The 450-degree setting was done on the flat irons to be used exclusively by the hair salon for its specific keratin treatments. It was not meant to be used for at-home straightening processes. Coarse hair does require higher temperatures, but others do not need that much heat. The flat iron should ideally be used at 300-350 degrees temperature when being used on damaged, fine or color-treated hair.

For people with curly or frizzy hair, straightened smooth hair is like a dream come true. The temptation of having straight hair allures everyone, but should be done with some caution. Improperly straightening hair might give you something much worse instead of the shiny smooth hair you desire. So, take the time to care for your precious locks when heat styling and do it properly.

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