Easiest Hairstyles For Those In A Hurry

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Clayton Hair Salon hair tipsNo morning is perfect. If you sleep through three alarms, the day is guaranteed to be a tough one. As you rush to get ready, your clumsy side is at its strongest, and you are not in your best form. We’ve all been there. We get it. Unlike men, women can’t afford to roll out of bed, put on jeans, and head out. For many women, there is makeup, a stylish outfit, and hair to handle. The morning gets worse if you are having a bad hair day. Most women can’t just brush their hair and head out. When running late, anything that takes more than five minutes is not an option. Luckily, we have some quick and easy hair tips to try when in a hurry.

Hair Tips: Quick Styling

The Messy Bun

Every lady loves this hairstyle. It is quick, simple, and a classic one that can be dressed up or down. This style takes a few short steps.

  • Gather your hair into a high ponytail
  • Twist the ponytail from the roots to tips
  • As you twist, you can feel your hair begin to kink. Wrap it in that direction until all the hair is in a bun
  • Secure the bun with a hair tie or some bobby pins, and you’re done.


There are so many types of braids that you can do to keep your hair tame and look cute as well, plus it can be done in less than a minute. For example, you can do a classic 3-strand, fishtail, or French braid. It is a cute look that is easy to do and fast. A quick Google search will find different braiding styles and videos on how to do them on yourself.


A ponytail doesn’t have to look like a last-minute hairdo or a lazy one when done nicely. Style the ponytail into a fun, flirty, and cute style. If you have a teasing brush, tease the hair close to the roots, gather the hair in a high ponytail, and then secure it with a hair tie. You can do a slick back style or pull out some pieces to make the ponytail look messy. There are different ways to style and go about a ponytail.

Hat or Scarf

These are just some of the few easy, quick hairstyles you can do if you are in a hurry. Of course, if all else fails, you can also choose to cover up that bad hair with a hat or scarf.

Clayton Hair Salon

Are you still looking for a quick style to do in a pinch? The hairstylists at Clayton Hair Salon can help. Our expert stylists can recommend a few great ways to look great when in a rush that will work for you and your hair. Call 919-795-6742 and make an appointment today.