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hair-perms-claytonTired of having flat, boring hair? Feel like it’s impossible to get that beautiful volume like with the models on a shampoo commercial? A lot of people who have hair that is flat and fine use the improper hair products and styling techniques which make the hair flatter. There is likely a lot more you have to do give your hair some extra volume.

GET AN APPROPRIATE HAIRSTYLE. Even the very products that some stylists in Clayton NC recommend to improve volume could be useless if your current hairstyle accentuates your flat hair. Talk with a reputable Clayton hairdresser and ask for different hairstyles that boost hair volume. Ask for suggestions in terms of which could work for your face shape and features.

CHANGE YOUR SHAMPOO. Shampoos can contribute to getting its volume is lost by your hair. As the plastic melts on your hair making it flatter, the ones which contain polymers are key offenders. Replace your shampoo and take a look at the ingredients carefully the following time you purchase. Consider those with natural ingredients and also avoid the creamy and thick type. Clean your hair completely to stop build-up of compounds.

USE A GOOD HAIRBRUSH. Metal hairbrushes are recommended because, unlike plastic, metal conducts heat making the hair smooth and easy to detangle when blow drying. While ending at the endings, apply heat underneath the hair brush. Plastic combs tend to produce your hair strands fixed on one place so when combing hair that is dry, it’s best not to use them.


DO NOT DRY THE HAIR INSTANTANEOUSLY. To avoid exposing your hair to an excessive amount of heat, dry your own hair with a towel and then roll it before you blow dry so that it may dry. Make use of the cool setting to dry your hair and avoid exposing it to extreme heat. You can even make the hair up and lifted so that it can dry, as you do your make-up.

SELECT YOUR STYLING PRODUCTS PRUDENTLY. Particularly the ones that add glow, styling products, can really make your hair flat. They key is really to use them. You can use the item on your hair brush then sweep it on your own hair gently. Also find a product that’s specifically designed for flat hair.

MAKE USE OF A LIGHT CONDITIONER. When you wash it level hair can quickly tangle. The trick would be to use a light conditioner so that no residue is left in your hair, and be sure to wash it off completely. Apply the conditioner from the bottom to cover at least three-quarters of your hair. Because it is able to make your hair appear more level prevent the scalp.

Clayton Hair Salon is also a fully equipped nail salon. While hair care and styling are our main services, we also offer manicure and pedicure in Clayton NC.

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