Clayton Nail Services – Mani Pediwebmaster

Clayton Hair Salon is also a fully equipped nail salon.  Nail stylist Becky Gordon provides expert nail services with the same friendly and welcoming personality Clayton Hair Salon is known for.

Book Nail Appts – (919) 971-3423

Nail Service Pricing:

  • Manicure – $20
  • Pedicure – $40
  • Shellac – $30
  • Acrylic Set – $40
  • Acrylic Fill in – $30
  • P&W Set – $50
  • P&W Fill in- $30
  • Tips with Gel – $50
  • Tips with Acrylic – $45
  • Fill ins – $30

Do’s and Don’ts for Healthy Nails

To keep your fingernails looking their best, here are some DO’s

  • Keep your nails dry and clean. This prevents bacteria from growing under your fingernails. Prolonged contact with water can contribute to split nails. Wear cotton-lined rubber gloves when washing dishes, or when cleaning using harsh chemicals.
  • Practice good nail hygiene. Using a sharp manicure scissors or clippers, trim your nails straight across. After which carefully round the tips in a gentle curve.
  • Use moisturizer. When applying hand lotion, rub the lotion into your fingernails and cuticles as well.
  • Apply a protective layer. Using a nail hardener might help strengthen nails.
  • Take biotin supplement. Ask your doctor about taking the nutritional supplement biotin. Research suggests it may help strengthen weak or brittle nails.

 To prevent unnecessary nail damage, DON’T:

  • Bite your nails or pick at your cuticles. These habits are not only unhygienic, but they can damage the nail bed. Even a minor cut alongside your fingernail can allow bacteria to enter and cause infection.
  • Pull off hangnails. Carefully clip off hangnails.
  • Ignore problems. If you feel that you have a nail problem that doesn’t seem to go away on its own, or is associated with other symptoms, see your doctor or dermatologist immediately for an evaluation.
  • Use harsh nail products. Limit your use of nail polish remover. If you really need to use one, opt for an acetone-free formula.