Tips for Keeping Hair Healthier Over the Winter

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When the air becomes drier in the winter months, there is a change in hair’s look and texture. Hair tends to become extremely dry and brittle. Some people may experience excessive amounts of hair fall. Special treatment should be taken to keep the hair healthy and shiny throughout the cold season. A new regime should be in place to counter the adverse effects. Here are some tips from Clayton Hair Salon, Clayton, NC.

Tips for Healthy Winter Hair

Washing Schedule

Washing your hair regularly during the winter season should be avoided as it removes necessary oils that keep the scalp moisturized. Wash your hair only once or twice a week. For oily hair, it is better to use a dry shampoo between washings. Dry shampoo can help absorb excess oil from the hair, making the hair look fresh without drying the scalp.

Hot Water

Avoid taking a hot shower as hot water is very damaging not only for the skin but also for the hair. Warm water should be used. Use a moisturizing conditioner on the hair and a lotion on the skin to seal in moisture.

Warm Oil

Oiling is the most crucial aspect when it comes to maintaining the health of your hair. During the winter season, use warm oil to moisturize and nourish the scalp. Leave it on your hair for at least 30 minutes before washing it off with a shampoo. For a deep treatment – leave on hair overnight.

Hair Dryers

The hair’s most significant damage is from hairdryers, which we tend to use more during the winter season (because who wants to go out in the cold with wet hair?). Let your hair dry naturally. Using a hairdryer can increase hair breakage.

Hair Length

The hair length must be manageable, so get a trim before the winter season begins. People who have long hair tend to face problems like split ends as they are frequently combing their hair.

Hair Spray

Avoid using hair sprays or styling gels as they dry out your hair, thus making it weak and brittle. Every household needs to have a humidifier in their house as it will increase the level of moisture in the air, thus creating a favorable environment for your hair and skin.

Clayton Hair Salon

Keeping your hair healthy during the winter should be a top priority. It’s not hard, but a routine should be established so that your hair remains soft and shiny throughout the season. If you need more advice, contact Clayton Hair Salon. Our hair specialists on staff can recommend products and regimes specific to your hair type—Call 919-795-6742 for an appointment.