7 Easy Tips to Prevent Split Ends

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Sherrys - Beautiful Hair!Your hair is not a living thing; it is made of dead cells compressed to form protein called keratin, which also make up your nails. This means hair cannot heal itself; you must take care of it. There is no way of fixing split ends or rejoining split ends.  You can only cut them out or prevent it.

Avoid heat

Using heat regularly weakens the hair and is majorly responsible for spilt end. Try using no-heat styling methods. You can also try to reduce heat use to at least once in two weeks or once a month. While using these appliances, use them at the lowest heat setting.

Do not brush wet hair

Hair is most vulnerable when wet. Dry your hair first before brushing. Also use a detangling brush or a wide tooth comb, they are gentle on the hair and easily get rid of tangles without causing breakage or split ends.

Use conditioners

Leave in conditioner and deep conditioning are great for the hair. They help the hair shaft to grow and keep your hair moist and free of tangles. It is very effective in keeping spilt ends at bay. A leave in conditioner can also be used after washing the hair (shampooed and conditioned).

Use hair oils

Using hair oils help create a protective barrier for your hair. So just after your hair has dried after a wash, take some coconut oil, rub it up between your hands and run them through your hair paying attention to the ends and proceed to brush.


Do not towel dry

Rubbing your hair with a towel causes tangles, which lead to breakage and split ends. Just like brushing your hair when it is still wet, vigorously rubbing with a towel will cause split ends. Instead, just squeeze the water out and let it air dry. If you need to use a towel, just wrap it around your hear but don’t rub it, just let the towel soak the water from your hair.

 Use silk covered pillows

The silk is soft against your hair, compared to cotton and other materials that might snag your hair as you sleep.

Get trims regularly

Go to your trusted hair salon in Clayton NC regularly. Cutting hair is not a great feeling, but regular trim makes sure that splits ends do not get the opportunity to start. Since split ends split going upwards, the sooner you trim the hair the better. If you do not cut your hair the split ends, will form and split upwards, you will end up having to cut great lengths of your hair. If you are a senior and need help with your hair – check out our senior hare care page and then contact us if you think Clayton Hair Salon can help you out!

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