Having Issues With Hair Growth?

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Clayton Hair Salon healthy hair growthHair loss and having issues with healthy hair growth are quite common these days. Many women often complain about one of these problems, especially if they experience it more than usual. In most cases, hair growth issues occur due to genetics, but there are instances where people don’t care for their hair properly.

Healthy Hair Growth

One should bear in mind that hair growth issues cannot be fixed overnight. However, a few steps can be taken to make sure that hair grows naturally and beautifully.


Protein is a vital nutrient that contributes significantly to hair growth. Eat a well-balanced diet to ensure that the optimal hair growth level is achieved. On average, a person should consume at least 50 grams of protein in a day.


Caffeine-infused hair products are believed to be more effective in promoting overall hair growth. It is helpful for both men and women. There are various hair products available in the market that have a considerable amount of caffeine. One such example is the Glimmer Goddess Organic Caffeine Hair Growth Conditioner.

Essential Oils

Try to make use of essential oils as they not only emanate a positive feeling but are also known to boost the overall levels of hair growth. Various research has found that peppermint oil and rosemary oil can positively impact hair growth. Rosemary oil rapidly restores hair growth, especially in people experiencing hair thinning or hair loss.


Make sure that the diet you consume is rich in nutrients. Nutritional deficiencies directly lead to hair fall, thus affecting the growth of the hair as well. The vital nutrients that should be included in one’s diet are iron, zinc, Omega 3 or 6, biotin, vitamin D, E, and vitamin C. Biotin is beneficial in maintaining your hair’s health well as of the skin and nails. It is considered a building block and is deemed clinically improving the hair growth in both men and women. There are numerous biotin supplements readily available in the market.

Clayton Hair Salon

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