Going Grey – The Taboo Is Gone

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Clayton Hair Salon hair colorAs time speeds by, trends change rapidly, and many people are experimenting with their looks. Going grey is a trend that has gained popularity recently. Not only men but also women are planning to go grey even if they are not greying naturally. Women are standing more confidently in grey hair than before.

Grey Hair Color is Trendy

There are numerous ways in which the grey hair color can create a lasting impact on a person’s overall personality. Here are some ways going grey is positive.

The Positives of Going Grey

Challenging the norms of society. Going grey is one way to redefine the standards of beauty in society. In the past, older women ensured that their hair was dyed before they stepped out of their house. Now women feel more confident in terms of flaunting their grey hair. Grey no longer signifies old age, but it has entered the stream of trends that people willingly follow.

Accepting grey with grace. For both men and women, having grey hair has become a move forward in terms of fashion. There are different shades of grey that people can adopt. One needs to consider their skin color and haircut to determine the grey hue that best suits them. The chosen color creates an emphasis on the person’s natural features, enhancing them.

Making or breaking persona. Silver-colored hair is a form of expressing oneself and your outlook on life. Grey can redefine one’s personality as silver strands will make a bold statement about who they are. If you feel more adventurous, use two different grey shades blended into your hairstyle to create a more chic and trendy look.

If you plan to get a new grey hair look, there is no need to think twice as the trend is here to stay. Get an appointment today with a hair colorist and transform your look.

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