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Hair Salon Talk: Fall Hair Colors

It’s no secret that the fall inspires moodier, enthusiastic, luscious,  and vibrant shades of hair colors. Hair colorists have been giving their predictions about this year’s most popular fall hair colors. Cream Soda Hair The fall’s hottest and most popular hair color trend is none other than creamy blonde hair created with creamy beige color….

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Get Silky Waves Even With Coarse Hair

There’s always been innovation with hairstyles. The best stylists can create impressive hairstyles to match any person’s face, age or hair texture. But is it possible to get silky waves even with coarse hair? Yes, it is possible but does take some practice.  Finding the right products that work for your hair is crucial, so…

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Keep Your Hair Looking Great This Summer

No matter whether you have colored your hair or not, the harmful UV rays will always cause fading and make hair appear fried. That’s right; sun rays not only affect skin they also damage hair.  Those nasty rays turn the smooth outer layer of hair into something brassy and bleached.  Swimmers may face additional trouble…

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Hair Salon Talk: How to Style Curly Bangs

Curly hair is challenging to maintain and demands more effort to style. They look awe-inspiring when you treat them right and apply good products. Natural puffiness is the best part of the curly hair and whatever style you make; every detail can be seen clearly by adding texture in the hair style. Curly bangs are…

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5 Healthy Summer Hair Tips

Summer is the season that most people love because of the holidays on the beach, warm sunny days, and ice-cold lemonades. However, summer has its challenges that need to be addressed. Taking good care of your hair in one of them. Summer heat can damage your hair and even turn its color when in contact…

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Hair Salon Talk: How to Get Long Hair to Hold a Curl

Women with straight hair would like to have a hair makeover that produces curls that they can flaunt. Although curling and crimping seem easy, it can be difficult to style, but there is a way that they can keep the curls from falling immediately after walking out the door.  Here are some of the best…

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Hairbrush 101: Choose the Best Suited Hairbrush for Your Hair

Going through hair care conundrums is a vital part of a girl’s life. A significant chunk of our life is spent trying to update our hair with the latest hair trends and then working to bringing it back to its natural, unadulterated state. From using expensive salon hair treatment masks to drenching your hair in…

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Summer is Round the Corner – Is it Time to Go Short?

As summer approaches, it is possibly every woman’s dilemma whether to cut her hair short or keep it long. And there are always those second thoughts sitting there in the chair at the salon. The goal is a hairstyle that is effortless, low-maintenance and less frizzy. Experimenting is a huge aspect of styling. So, for women…

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Flat Irons – Do You Really Know How to Use Them?

Over the years women have tried and experimented with different methods of straightening their unruly mane, but only one process has stuck, the use of flat irons. Flat irons have been used by almost everyone wanting straight hair. But, there have been concerns about the perfect way of using them. After all, the flat iron…

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How to Ask for Hair Salon Referral from Friends?

If you are hunting for a hair salon, it may not be as straightforward and easy as you might have imagined. The salons available closest to you might lack the hair stylists who can fulfill your demands. The ones with all the hype might turn out to be your biggest disappointment. The stylists at Clayton…