National Hairstylist Day in Clayton NC

Celebrate National Hairstylist Appreciation Day with CHS on April 30

Wow.  We just discovered that there IS a holiday that celebrates places like Clayton Hair Salon and all our other hairstylists and salons around the US. All these years, we’ve just quietly done our thing – making happy clients, getting to know a lot of people and faces around Clayton NC and just enjoying providing…

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Heat Damage – What You Need To Know

Heat Damage: The Hair Troublemaker What’s more annoying than a bad hair day? If you answered heat damage, you’d be correct. Unfortunately, in our desire for that perfect look, we sometimes accidentally end up using too much heat and doing damage to our hair. The good news is, this is preventable. With a little bit…

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Easiest Hairstyles For Those In A Hurry

No morning is perfect. If you sleep through three alarms, the day is guaranteed to be a tough one. As you rush to get ready, your clumsy side is at its strongest, and you are not in your best form. We’ve all been there. We get it. Unlike men, women can’t afford to roll out…

Clayton Hair Salon healthy hair

Soothing And Remedying Your Dry Scalp

It is pretty common for people to have a dry and itchy scalp, especially during the winter. The scalp needs to be nourished with essential oils to maintain its health and to prevent dryness. However, people know what to do to achieve a soothing scalp and healthy hair. What Causes a Dry Scalp? There are several…

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Cutting Your Hair Based On Face Shape

Everyone wants the perfect haircut that flatters them and makes them look amazing, but with so many creative styles to choose from, how do you pick the right one? Have you ever requested a hairstylist to cut your hair based on a picture but then dislike the result? Not all haircuts work for all people….

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Having Issues With Hair Growth?

Hair loss and having issues with healthy hair growth are quite common these days. Many women often complain about one of these problems, especially if they experience it more than usual. In most cases, hair growth issues occur due to genetics, but there are instances where people don’t care for their hair properly. Healthy Hair…

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Going Grey – The Taboo Is Gone

As time speeds by, trends change rapidly, and many people are experimenting with their looks. Going grey is a trend that has gained popularity recently. Not only men but also women are planning to go grey even if they are not greying naturally. Women are standing more confidently in grey hair than before. Grey Hair…

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What’s A Hair Mask And How Can It Benefit You

As girls grow up, they experiment with changing their hair color and trying out different hairstyles—the frequent use of heated hair tools and dyes while experimenting damage hair beyond imagination. Various treatments can minimize the damage. One of the best hair tips for this damage is hair masks. Hair masks are explicitly designed to ensure…

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Fun Hair Accessories You Should Try

A new year is a time to experiment and try out new things. How about this year adding hair accessories to your list? Many hair trends are introduced every year. Women are drifting away from simple buns and high ponytails and using more fun, funky hair accessories. There is no set age limit for wearing…

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Tips for Keeping Hair Healthier Over the Winter

When the air becomes drier in the winter months, there is a change in hair’s look and texture. Hair tends to become extremely dry and brittle. Some people may experience excessive amounts of hair fall. Special treatment should be taken to keep the hair healthy and shiny throughout the cold season. A new regime should…